Am 04. Juni veröffentlichte das ISTQB den neuen Lehrplan für den ISTQB CTFL 2018.

Die wichtigsten Daten im Überblick:

4. Juni 2018

Veröffentlichung des ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level Lehrplans 2018.

3. Juni 2019

Einstellung des  englischen CTFL Lehrplans 2011. Ab dem 04. Juni 2019 werden auf Englisch nur noch Prüfungen nach dem Lehrplan 2018 verfügbar sein.

3. Dezember 2019

Der Lehrplan 2011 verliert auch in allen anderen verfügbaren Sprachen seine Gültigkeit.

Unsere Empfehlung:

Wichtig! Machen Sie sich keine Sorgen, wenn Sie bereits einen Kurs oder eine Prüfung basierend auf dem Lehrplan 2011 gebucht haben oder noch buchen möchten. Das ist bis zum 04. Juni (Englisch) bzw. bis zum 04. Dezember (Deutsch) 2019 möglich. Eine Zertifizierung nach dem Lehrplan 2011 bleibt weiterhin gültig.

Klicken Sie hier um das ISTQB Foundation Level zu kaufen (Lehrplan 2011 oder 2018)

ISTQB Foundation Level
Der Lehrplan 2018 wird über eine bestimmte Zeit parallel zum bestehenden Lehrplan von 2011 eingeführt. Der Lehrplan 2011 läuft zu folgenden Terminen ab:

3. Juni 2019

Ablauf des Lehrplans 2011 für Prüfungen auf Englisch, sowie der Schulungen nach Lehrplan 2011 von akkreditierten Trainingsanbietern.

3. Dezember 2019

Ablauf des Lehrplans 2011 für Prüfungen in anderen Sprachen, sowie der Schulungen nach Lehrplan 2011 von akkreditierten Trainingsanbietern.

We would recommend that anyone who is preparing for the 2011 syllabus exam (whether self-studying or attending a training course) continue with his or her planned study:
An ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate 2011 will remain valid.

An ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate 2011 will be recognized as a prerequisite for other ISTQB certifications (Agile, Advanced and Specialist).

Training providers need to accredit for the 2018 syllabus (the timescales will vary according to the training provider) – training aligned to the 2011 syllabus will provide essential knowledge and understanding.
For more specific information regarding the syllabuses please go to our ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level Syllabus FAQ section (you will find information for individuals, organizations and training providers).

For training providers

Exam Delivery:

iSQI can offer training providers, who have been accredited for the 2018 syllabus, the new 2018 exam in English and Spanish (paper, computer based and via Pearson VUE). Please contact us, or your key account manager, for information on release dates for exams in other languages.

The ISTQB® has defined sunset dates for the 2011 syllabus exams as follows:

3rd June 2019

English 2011 exams will be withdrawn

3rd December 2019

All 2011 exams will be withdrawn

Until these dates, iSQI will run 2011 and 2018 exams in parallel.
If you are not working with iSQI currently for your ISTQB® exams please get in touch!

Accreditation and Re-accreditation:

Existing accredited training providers will need to apply for re-accreditation and align with the 2018 syllabus by the following dates:

3rd June 2019

if accredited to deliver courses in English

3rd December 2019

if accredited to deliver courses to deliver courses in any other language

After these dates, accreditation based on the 2011 syllabus will lapse and the training provider will not be entitled to say they are ISTQB® accredited and must not use the ISTQB trademarks. This applies to instructor led classroom training, virtual instructor led training and e-learning.

Training providers not already accredited can apply to offer the 2018 Foundation Level.
Please contact us for information on accrediting or re-accrediting for ISTQB® Certified Foundation Level 2018.

Note: ISTQB Member Boards will confirm the accreditation processes and when they are accepting 2018 applications – we will be able to advise you.

Training Provider ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level Resources:

General information 2018  ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level

When was the new 2018 Foundation Level syllabus made available by ISTQB?

ISTQB released the 2018 Foundation syllabus on 4th June 2018.

Where can I download the new 2018 Foundation Level syllabus?

The 2018 syllabus is available for download here.

Can you give an overview of the changes in the 2018 syllabus?

Importantly there is an increased focus on practical K3 learning objectives. There are fewer K1 and K2 learning objectives.  Additionally, there is more emphasis on review in Chapter 3 and less on white box testing in Chapter 4.

Can you give details of the specific changes in the 2018 syllabus?

The 2018 Foundation syllabus is a major release with the following changes:

  • Fewer K1 Learning Objectives (LO) in general

    • 15 LO in 2018 compared with 27 LO in 2011

  • Less focus on Chapter 5 Test Management

    • 15 LO in 2018 compared with 24 LO in 2011

  • More emphasis on review, a K3 LO has been added to Chapter

    • “Static Analysis by Tools” section has been removed, and will be covered in other syllabi

  • More emphasis on test techniques in Chapter 4

    • Section 4.1 of 2011 moved and merged with section 1.4 of Chapter 1

  • Agile is mentioned in the content of the syllabus

    • But not included in the wording of any LO

  • White-box techniques are downgraded

    • K4 and K3 LO removed – these topics will be covered in other ISTQB syllabi.

  • References to Standards have been updated :
    - ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 is now used for reference instead of IEEE Standard 829
    - ISO/IEC 25010 is now used for reference instead of ISO 9126.
    - ISO/IEC 20246 is now used for reference instead of IEEE 1028

  • The Code of Ethics has been moved from chapter one to the ISTQB website.

The Foundation Level 2018 Traceability Matrix showing the changes from 2011 to 2018.

When will the new 2018 syllabus exams be available from iSQI and when will the 2011 exams be phased out?

iSQI are working hard to ensure that we can support students studying for both the 2011 and 2018 syllabus exams whilst aligning with the ISTQB sunset dates. Please also check with your training provider to ensure you take the right exam for the syllabus your training was delivered against.

English exams:

iSQI are providing the 2018 Foundation Level exams in English now (including via our webshop and at Pearson Vue).

We will offer both 2011 and 2018 syllabus exams until 3rd June 2019 (12 months).

From 4th June 2019, only 2018 syllabus exams will be available in English.

When will iSQI make 2018 syllabus exams available in other languages?

It is important to allow time for translation of the syllabus, exam and other materials but we will do our best to support students wishing to take the exam in other  languages (including Spanish and German) as soon as possible.

Please contact for more information.

What is the pass mark for the new 2018 exam?

The pass mark is 65% (there has been no change to the current exam pass mark). A minimum of 26 correct answers out of 40 questions is required to pass (each question is worth one mark only).

Has the length of the exam changed?

The exam is 60 minutes (25% extra time will apply where an individual’s first  language is not the language of the exam). Please note you must apply for extra time when you book your exam with iSQI.

Has the ISTQB Glossary been updated?

The glossary has been updated to align with the new 2018 Foundation Level syllabus. For the glossary click here.

Are there sample exams for the new 2018 syllabus?

ISTQB have released sample exams for the 2018 syllabus. These are  available for download here.

How long will the new syllabus remain valid?

It will be valid until ISTQB approves an updated version.

Has the structure of the exam changed?

Yes, the number of learning objectives have been changed and redistributed across the 6 chapters of the syllabus therefore the number of exam questions per chapter have changed also.

Will the cost of the exam change?

Please refer to the iSQI webshop, contact or your iSQI Key Account Manager for information. In general, iSQI have not changed the exam fees.

Will the length of the training course change?

No, the standard duration for the training course will remain at 3 days. Accredited Training Providers may offer courses with different durations but as a minimum 16.75 hours are required to cover all learning objectives.

Does the new Certified Tester Foundation Level have any prerequisites?


For Individuals and employers:

What exam do I select on Pearson Vue?

Please select the CTFL exam relevant for your country and ensure that you choose the year of the syllabus 2011 or 2018 depending on what you have prepared for.

I buy Pearson VUE vouchers for my team – can iSQI offer both 2011 and 2018 exams?

Yes (please check with us to confirm language options  for the 2018 exams).

I am already ISTQB certified at Foundation Level - is my certification still valid?

Yes, ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level certification does not expire and existing Foundation Level certificates will continue to be valid after the release of the 2018 syllabus.

Will my existing Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate still be valid as a prerequisite to Certified Tester Advanced Level?

Yes, an existing ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level certification will be valid in all instances where Foundation Level is specified as a prerequisite within the ISTQB Certified Tester Scheme (Advanced, Agile and Specialist modules).

I am studying for other ISTQB certifications (e.g. Advanced Level) and the syllabus references the 2011 syllabus does the 2018 syllabus apply equally?

Yes indeed. We would also suggest that you refer to the changes in the glossary for the 2018 release.

Where can I find a training provider for the 2018 ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level?

We would recommend that you train with an Accredited Training Provider; the quality of the training materials will have been assessed by an ISTQB Member Board. This applies to instructor led classroom courses, virtual courses and e-learning. Please contact for information on training providers or search our website.

For Training Providers:

I am an accredited training provider – do I need to re-accredit my materials?

Yes, if you are an Accredited Training Provider you will need to update your training material so that it aligns to the new 2018 Foundation syllabus and submit it for re-accreditation.

(Note: this also applies if you license materials, you will need to  contact your licensor in the first instance, as they will need to re-accredit so that you can).

For help and information contact

What is involved in re-accreditation?

Please refer to the ISTQB Accreditation Guidelines to Evaluate Training for the 2018 Foundation Level Syllabus.

Will there be a cost for re-accreditation?

Please contact and we will try to help you depending on where you are based and who your  accrediting ISTQB Member Board is.

How long do I have to re-accredit?

If you are accredited to deliver training courses in English, you have 12 months from the date of release of the 2018 Foundation syllabus to re-accredit your English training materials (until 3rd June 2019).

If you are accredited to deliver training courses in a language other than English, you have 18 months from release of the 2018 ISTQB Foundation Syllabus to re-accredit (until 3rd December 2019).

What happens if I do not re-accredit within the timescales specified?

Your accreditation will lapse and you will not benefit from a listing on the ISTQB website, the iSQI website and you will not be able to use any of the ISTQB trademarks or any local Member Board “Accredited Training Provider”  logos.

How do I become accredited for the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level?

Please contact

ISTQB Partners:

I am an ISTQB Partner – do I need to recertify any of my team in the new Foundation Level?

No, 2011 syllabus certifications remain valid.

Downloads & information