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iSQI® CABA (Certified Agile Business Analysis)




The CABA course presents practices and tools for agile BAs working in any of the emergent fields of agility.

 Agile approaches and methods are growing in popularity with project teams. But where does the business analyst fit in? The Certified Agile Business Analysis (CABA) course presents practices and tools for BAs working in or moving to Agile projects. While the BA will find it is easy to migrate their core analysis skills of critical analysis, change management and articulation to Agile projects, adopting to the new work and delivery methods Agile approaches advocate will feel alien.

 Course details

 Are you a business analyst who is working in or moving to an agile environment? How does the work, and your approach, differ from the traditional BA role? What are the recognized practices in agile business analysis? The CABA course presents practices and tools for agile BAs working in any of the emergent fields of agility.

 The course is directly mapped to the activities, tasks and skills defined in the agile extension to the BABOK ® guide published by the IIBA ® (July 2013) and developed in partnership with the Agile Alliance.

 The Agile Alliance says, “The agile extension helps business analysts deliver business knowledge to agile developers quickly and effectively.”

 Target audience


  •      Business analysts needing a clear understanding of agile and its applications.

  •      Business analysts wanting to improve the way they work in agile projects.

  •      Agile teams wanting to apply effective business analysis techniques.

  •      Anyone interested in business analysis who wishes to build their agile capabilities.

  •      Business Analysts wanting to accredit their Agile skills for recognition among employers, clients         and peers



  •      A basic understanding of the role of business analysis in systems development.

  •      A basic understanding of the systems development process. Learning Outcomes


Business Outcomes


  •      Identify the role of the business analyst in agile software development projects.

  •      Participate in agile teams developing software.

  •      Articulate the BA’s responsibilities to both the enterprise and the agile team.

  •      Understand the BA’s contribution to the agile process analysis frameworks.

  •      Identify BA specific techniques that contribute to the delivery of artefacts that add value to the           enterprise initiating agile projects.

  •      Appreciate the importance of, and how to contribute to, continuous improvement through                     retrospectives.


 Benefits at a glance


  •      Globally recognized qualification

  •      Learn the most up-to-date methodology

  •      Deliver increased efficiency and effectiveness to your team

  •      Learn through best practices and real examples

  •      Consistently high pass rates

  •      Learn with trainers who have proven track records

  •      Flexible delivery with online learning options

  •      Train with the world’s leading independent specialist in Software Quality


Course Outline

 The iSQI® Certified Agile Business Analysis training and certification provides an excellent introduction to the day-to-day work of a business analyst in an agile development. It also introduces a selection of techniques that align well with the agile approach and philosophy. This course is for everyone who is involved in business analysis, who wishes to understand the way in which business analysis works in the context of agile environments





Module 1: What is Business Analysis?


Module 7: Determine what’s of value

      Business analysis and the Business Analyst 

      The scope of business analysis 

      The competencies of a Business Analyst

         The product backlog

          Business value definition





Module 2: What is Agile?


Module 8: Get real with examples

        The traditional SDLC

         The Agile Manifesto 

          The 12 principles

          Behavior driven development

          BDD and test automation





Module 3: Common Agile approaches


Module 9: Understand what’s doable

          Scrum and XP

           The link with Kanban and Lean

            Roles in Agile

            BA roles in Agile

         Relative estimation

          Planning workshop

          Real options




Module 4: BA techniques in Agile projects

Module 10: Stimulate collaboration and                 continuous improvement


          BABOK and the Agile extension   

         The Agile framework

          Collaborative games





Module 5: See the whole


Module 11: Avoid waste

Business capability


Value stream mapping


Just In Time




Module 6: Think as a customer


Module 12: Review and close


             Story decomposition

              Story mapping

              Story boarding


             What next




 Candidates are required to sit a one hour, 40 questions multiple choice examination designed to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, understanding and ability to apply concepts included in the Certified Agile Business Analysis syllabus. Candidates are required to score 26 or more correct answers to pass. Each question will be worth one mark.


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