Certified Agile Business Analyst Training (CABA)

Techcanvass's Agile Business Analyst course is a certification course leading to CABA certification. Agile business analyst is a specialization for business analysis skills in Agile environment including SCRUM. The Certified Agile Business Analyst certification (CABA) is awarded by International Software Quality Institute (iSQI GmbH) , Germany.

Our course not only covers the requisite topics for the certification but also helps learn practical business analysis skills for Agile environment like user story modelling, estimation techniques etc.

The key features of this course are as follows:

a) Official iSQI training materials (PDF format)

b) Mock Tests for the exam

c) TechEdge LMS portal with multiple resources (1-year Access)

d) Agile Analsis certification video sessions free


Actual session Demo/Preview




Course Details Page

To know more about the course, please visit the Certified Agile Business Analyst training page