Digital Badge

Show people what you can do! 

A digital badge allows you to show your skills to your network and employers. Digital badges are available to those who successfully passed the certification exam.

A badge for your certificate

After purchase, you will receive an email with a voucher code to download the badge. On the website, please enter this code together with the certificate number and your email address.  Following this, you will be redirected to Accredible, where we host Skillshub. Here you can easily manage all your badges in our secure Skillshub area.

All certificates on Skillshub

Organizing badges doesn't just make sense, but it's fun. Show all your skills on iSQI's platform Skillshub. Counterfeit and data secure. No matter what course or certificate, from iSQI and other exams. Manage settings and visibility. All badges at a glance to share via embed codes.

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