Agile School Inc.

We're a global consultancy surrounding everything to do with the Agile Methods - all focused towards your Agile Adoption and Organizational Transformation.

Our services offerings surround Agile:

Coaching, Training, Assessment, and General Consulting.

We work with clients who are just "thinking" of going Agile to those who are advanced practitioners looking to get to the "next level".

We have deep experience across a spectrum of business contexts and methodologies that you can leverage in a wide variety of ways.

We, also, have breadth introducing agility from small start-up and entrepreneurial environments to large-scale, enterprise-level organizations.

While this spectrum of cultures requires nimbleness and subtlety to effectively navigate, our experience is that agility works nicely across this spectrum.

Since our foundation, Agile School has operated as an independent, international consultant for companies in the fields of IT, Management, Digital Transformation, Agile Transformation, IT Infrastructure Migration, IT Applications and Software, Telecommunications, Automotive sector and Banking.

We provide companies with a wide spectrum of individual coaching and training services.


Agile School Inc.

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8080 Bertrange

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