Group Exams


This is the most basic and original form of any exam. Even as more and more options become available, some people prefer the "tried, tested and true" form when it comes to taking an exam.


SMEX EXAMS have been offered by iSQI since 2012, combining the advantages of paper-based examinations and e-exams, basically offering an electronic exam experience, directly after completing a course with your chosen training provider. If you would like to have an examinator go to your company and take the exam, please contact us at:

Individual Exams

Pearson Vue Test Center

iSQI works together with Pearson VUE, allowing you to take any of the multiple-choice exams at any of the 5,200 Pearson test centers in over 175 countries across the globe You can search for an Exam Center near you here: Pearson Vue


With FLEX EXAMS iSQI offers the special service of a tailored examination program, with the maximum amount of flexibility. Whether you are planning to attend training with one of iSQI’s training partners, or have decided to study for the exam on your own, you can decide when and where you write your exam. Whether you prefer to do it immediately after your training or after the fact in your own home – it’s entirely up to you.