Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level (CPUX-F) in English (Cologne)

In this seminar you will learn all the basics for a Human-Centered Design of interactive systems. It sets up the foundation for the advanced level CPUX seminars CPUX-UR and CPUX-UT, where single activities of the HCD process are discussed in full detail.

The contents and structure of the seminar are based on the CPUX-F curriculum from the International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB), recognized and supported by 5 professional associations: German UPA, UX Schweiz, UXpro Austria, UXPA UK and UX Danmark.

Participants of a CPUX-F seminar at ProContext will receive a free copy of the book “Basiswissen Usability und User Experience” which is ideal for reviewing the seminar contents before, during and after the seminar. (The book is available in German only.) The authors are Thomas Geis (trainer CPUX-UR) and Guido Tesch (trainer CPUX-F), with cooperation of Simon Birke (trainer CPUX-F).

Target audience

All participants of development projects who are involved in the creation of user interfaces, e.g. product managers, product designers, user interface designers, software engineers, project managers, quality managers.

What you will learn

  • Basic concepts

    • Usability
    • User Experience and distinguishing it from usability
    • Interactive system
  • The human-centred design approach

    • Basic principles for human-centred design
    • The activities within human-centred design
    • Embedding human-centred design in development processes, especially agile development
    • Human-centred quality objectives
  • Understand the context of use

    • User groups, user group profiles and personas
    • As-is scenarios and task models
    • Methods for context of use analysis, especially interview and observation techniques
  • Specify user requirements

    • User needs versus user requirements
    • User requirements as part of the stakeholder requirements
  • Create design solutions – Usability principles and guidelines

    • Affordance
    • The users' mental model
    • Dialogue principles
    • Heuristics
    • User interface guidelines and styleguides
    • Design patterns
  • Create design solutions – Specify the interaction

    • Task modeling as a basis for an interaction suitable for the task
    • Use scenarios and storyboards
    • Task objects in the user interface, information architecture and navigation
    • Prototyping
  • Evaluate using usability tests

    • Types of usability tests
    • Select and formulate usability test tasks
    • Prepare and execute usability tests
    • Document and communicate usability test results
  • Evaluate using inspections and user surveys

    • Types of inspection
    • Inspection criteria
    • Types of user surveys
    • Selecting and designing a questionnaire

The certification test for becoming a UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience — Foundation Level (CPUX-F) can be taken directly after the seminar. It is also possible to book the seminar without taking the certification test.

Your trainer

Guido Tesch

Senior Consultant Human-Centered Design, Trainer

Experienced Usability Engineer, User Experience Architect and Usability Tester, National Expert of the professional association German UPA and member of the DIN committee for the development of the ISO 9241 series of standards. Guido Tesch combines well-founded specialist knowledge with a lot of practical experience and very good didactics.


3 days including certification test

  1. Day 1: 10.00 am til 6.00 pm
  2. Day 2: 9.00 am til 5.00 pm
  3. Day 3: 8.30 am til 3.00 pm (4.00 pm til 5.15 pm certification test observed by an external proctor)

The seminar will take place if at least 5 people sign up, the maximum number of participants is 10.


  • EUR 1,500 plus VAT
  • The certification test fee is an additional EUR 300 plus VAT (EUR 240 plus VAT for members of the German UPA)