IFPUG™ Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS/CFPP)

The IFPUG™ Certified Function Point Specialist/Certified Function Point Practitioner (CFPS/CFPP) certification marks you out as an expert in function point analysis, an evaluation system for information technology systems. This is used in software development for determining the complexity, benchmarking and derivation of performance indicators for productivity and quality.The certification enables you to have a leading position in software development.

How do I obtain the IFPUG™ certification?

To be certified you must pass the IFPUG™ exam successfully. You can prepare for the exam by attending an accredited training course.

Participants of the course will have relevant content and topics clearly explained and taught to them.

You get the CFPS designation when you have in the exam in total more than 90% and in every part more than 80%.You get the CFPP designation when you have in the exam in total more than 80% and in every part more than 70%.

What are the entry requirements?

Six months of experience in software development is a requirement.

How does this certification benefit me?

With the IFPUG™ CFPS/CFPP certification:

  • You will have an internationally recognised certification
  • You will be able to estimate and protect software expenditure and quality
  • You will have standardised knowledge of function point analysis

Who is this certification for?

This certification is aimed at anyone interested in the topic of function point analysis and software development. It is particularly suitable for:

  • Software measurement engineers
  • Business analysts, project management companies, cost analyses
  • Software estimating professionals
  • Software developers

What other certifications can you recommend?

There is currently no certification that leads on from IFPUG™ CFPS/CFPP.

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