TMMi Professional E-Learning

TMMi Professional E-Learning
  • TMMi Professional E-Learning
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TMMi Professional E-Learning

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The course is intended to provide students with:

  • A detailed knowledge of the TMMi standard reference model, its structure and content.
  • An awareness of the origins of the TMMi framework.
  • The requirements and framework to undertake assessments of an organisation’s test-related quality processes against the TMMi Model.

We cover:

  • The context of test process improvement with TMMi
  • An introduction to the TMMi framework
  • TMMi Maturity Levels
  • The structure of the TMMi
  • A detailed explanation of the TMMi Model
  • TMMi in an Agile context
  • TMMi assessments and
  • Implementing TMMi in practice

An experienced TMMi-accredited Lead Assessor is available to answer any questions regarding the course content.


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Experimentus Ltd
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24 hours
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TMMi® Test Maturity Model Integration Professional (TMMi-P)