ASQF® Certified Professional for IoT (CPIoT)

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ASQF® Certified Professional for IoT (CPIoT)

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As IoT connectivity rapidly expands and proliferates so do the challenges of integration of IoT interfaces. A robust Quality Engineering approach will be essential before the amalgamation of devices, sensors, and applications can be fully-integrated and released into the market. Not only do the technical frameworks need to be considered but aspects such as the social issues, data protection and ethics.

The ASQF® Certified Professional for IoT (CPIoT) focuses on Quality Engineering as a critical success factor for IoT development. The certification course will help build IoT competences and solid IoT expertise across the entire team. The certification exam from iSQI, an internationally recognised certifying body, will demonstrate knowledge and understanding.

How do I obtain the ASQF® certification?

To be certified you must pass the ASQF® CPIoT exam. You can prepare for the exam by attending an accredited training course.

The ASQF® CPIoT training course provides participants with the necessary basic skills and best practices with the following modules:

  • Motivation
  • Quality Features and Standards
  • Constructive Quality Engineering – IoT Architecture
  • Constructive Quality Engineering - processes and methods
  • Analytical Quality Engineering (including test)
  • Lifecycle

What are the entry requirements?

There are no specific requirements or required pre-certifications.

How does this certification benefit me?

With the ASQF® CPIoT certification

  • You will gain a basic understanding of the organisational and technical aspects of the IoT quality assurance.
  • You will increase your understanding of specific challenges of Quality Engineering in the context of IoT.
  • You can ensure smooth cooperation in and with IoT teams.
  • You can apply Quality Engineering in the IoT context.
  • You will improve Quality Engineering in the context of IoT by supporting the IoT teams and transferring Quality Engineering expertise into your organisation.
  • You will develop yourself personally on a challenging future topic.

Who is this certification for?

The course is designed for people who need a thorough understanding of all aspects of quality in IoT projects and IoT products. The imparted knowledge provides help in the form of methods and guidelines for quality assurance and safeguarding of IoT solutions and a glossary as a de-facto standard. This 3-day course addresses entire teams to develop a common understanding and awareness of the important aspects of quality at IoT.

What other certifications can you recommend?

The certification ISTQB® Certified Tester − Foundation Level may be of interest.


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Minimum score
65 %
Examination Time
60 min
There are no specific requirements or required pre-certifications.
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ASQF CPIoT Syllabus DE

ASQF® Certified Professional for the Internet of Things Syllabus - DEUTSCH

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ASQF® Certified Professional for the Internet of Things Syllabus - ENGLISH

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