Give yourself additional peace of mind when booking your next iSQI certification exam by choosing 2TRY. 2TRY is available now on exams purchased via our online shop and through participating training providers. 2TRY offers you an exam retake for 25% of the standard exam fee (in addition to the usual exam price). You need to choose 2TRY at the time of purchasing your initial exam. (Unfortunately, we cannot apply the 2TRY offer retrospectively after you take your exam or receive your exam result). Validity The candidate will have the possibility to resit the exam with 2TRY for 90 days after receiving your result mail by iSQI. Scope This service is available for selected exams and countries. ASQF: 2TRY terms and conditions 1. ASQF Second Try (2TRY) is a product of the ASQF: Arbeitskreis für Softwarequalität und Fortbildung e.V, with head office at Friedrich-Engels-Straße 24, 14473 Potsdam, Germany. 2. ASQF Second Try (2TRY) allows examiners to repeat the exam once, for a fee of 25% of the list sale price, if they failed the exam in a first attempt. The ASQF will then pay the full fee to iSQI for the retake exam. 3. In the case of a possible retake exam, the examiner can only pass the same exam (exam type, exam language, examination country and certificate levels, etc.) as in the first attempt. 4. The precondition is that ASQF Second Try (2TRY) is purchased together with the exam. That means, after passing the exam it is not possible to purchase the ASQF Second Try (2TRY). If the fee for the ASQF Second Try (2TRY) has not been paid, ASQF will not pay for the possible retake exam. 5. ASQF Second Try (2TRY) will pay the retake fee for any case of failure, except in the case of a proven fraud attempt. 6. ASQF Second Try (2TRY) is not transferable to any other person. 7. Furthermore, it is only possible to repeat the examination within the framework of ASQF Second Try (2TRY) for 90 days after receipt of the result mail by iSQI. This means that the examiner has to retake within 90 days. Should it not be possible for iSQI to offer an appointment within this period, ASQF and iSQI will extend the period by mutual agreement in individual cases. 8. The cost of the ASQF Second Try (2TRY) is 25% of the list sale price. This is to be paid in advance together with the examination fee and will not be refunded upon passing the exam in the first attempt. 9. The ASQF Second Try (2TRY) is currently not applicable to any exam product. Currently, the offer for the ASQF Second Try (2TRY) can not be made in every region and for every exam product in the portfolio. A list of exams to which the ASQF Second Try (2TRY) is applicable can be found in the iSQI online shop. 10. Furthermore, the general terms and conditions of iSQI GmbH apply.