FLEX (Remote Proctored) Exams

Digital exams on your own device in your own environment, including from home! 24/7 exam availability means you can choose a date and time to suit you (technical requirements apply). Our remote proctor will supervise your exam live and will be available via a chat function throughout your session on our user-friendly remote proctor exam platform. Your score will be given on-screen at the end of the exam and you will receive an email confirmation from iSQi with a link to download your digital certificate (if successful) on the same day.

Test Center Exams

Test center exams are computer-based exams taken on-site at Pearson Vue Test Centers with an exam invigilator present. You will be able to schedule your preferred date and time at one of the ~6,000 test centers in 180 countries. For many exams, a Pearson Test Center voucher can also be used for a Pearson OnVue (remote proctor) exam. You will receive your result at the end of the exam from Pearson VUE and iSQI will email you with confirmation and a link to download your digital certificate (if successful) by the following day.

Public Exams

Public exam sessions are open exam sessions organized by iSQI or one of our partners on-site from time to time in various locations. The exams may be paper or online via a device you bring yourself. For information contact exam@isqi.org.

Training Providers or organizations

We offer maximum flexibility for you and your exam candidates! If you are seeking onsite exams (paper or online) or if you are interested in any of the exam options above please contact us at exam@isqi.org.