ISTQB® Certified Tester - Game Testing (CT-GaMe)

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ISTQB® Certified Tester - Game Testing (CT-GaMe)

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The ISTQB® Game Testing certification focuses on the understanding and skills needed to perform and manage testing on all levels in game projects. It covers the basic concepts of video and game testing as well as how to determine risks and goals for gaming software. It includes conceptually designing, implementing and executing game software tests, approaches to games testing (Game Testing Mechanics, Sound Testing, Graphics Testing and Localization) and recognizing games testing tools.

How do I obtain this ISTQB® certification?

To be certified you must pass the ISTQB® Certified Tester - Game Testing exam.

You can prepare for the exam by attending an training course which is available from Accredited ISTQB® Training Providers (classroom, virtual, and e-learning). Participants will have relevant content and topics clearly explained and taught to them.

Self-study, using the syllabus and recommended reading material, is also an option when preparing for the exam.

The exam is available on online proctored channels for anyone wishing to self-study.

What are the entry requirements?

To be able to participate in the ISTQB® CT-GaMe exam, candidates must have obtained the ISTQB® Certified Tester − Foundation Level certification and have sufficient practical experience. Attending a training with an accredited training provider is highly recommended but not mandatory.

How does this certification benefit me?

With the ISTQB® Certified Tester - Game Testing qualification you will be able to accomplish the following business outcomes:

  • Describe basic concepts of video games and game software testing
  • Determine risks, goals and game software requirements under the needs and expectations of stakeholders
  • Conceptually design, implement and execute basic game software tests
  • Know the approaches to game software testing and their purpose
  • Recognize the tools supporting game testing
  • Determine how testing activities align with the software development life cycle and reduce the cost of developing and publishing video games

Who is this certification for?

This certification is aimed at professionals who have achieved in-depth testing experience in traditional methods and who would like to acquire specific competence for testing game software.

It is also appropriate for junior testers who are just starting in the testing profession and who would like to know more about the tester\'s role when developing game software.

Experienced testers who need more understanding and knowledge about how to perform and manage testing on all levels in game projects will also find this certification beneficial.

These professionals include people who are in roles such as

  • testers,
  • test analysts,
  • test consultants,
  • test managers,
  • acceptance (UAT) testers,
  • and other video game development roles.

This CT-GaMe certification may also be appropriate for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of software testing in the video gaming world, such as

  • project managers,
  • quality managers,
  • software development managers,
  • business analysts,
  • IT directors,
  • and management consultants.

Those involved in the development and production of high-performance hardware such as PCs, mobile and gaming consoles will also benefit from this certification.

What other certifications can you recommend?

Holders of this certification may choose to proceed to other ISTQB® Core, Agile, or Specialist stream certifications.


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ISTQB® - International Software Testing Qualifications Board
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60 min
Requisitos previos
To take the ISTQB® CT-GaMe exam, candidates must have obtained the ISTQB® Certified Tester − Foundation Level certification and have sufficient practical experience.
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