Design Thinking Essentials

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Design Thinking Essentials

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Think NEW - Start Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a user-centered and methodical creative process for brainstorming to take your company's innovative power to the next level.

Not only new developments, but also existing products and services can be specifically examined and (even) more adapted to the needs of the customer with the iterative process. Stand out from the crowd and impress with your innovative ability and customer orientation.

Working user-centered and according to the principles of Design Thinking does not happen overnight. That's why in our Design Thinking Essentials course we teach all participants the relevant basics of the process, the specific methods and the mindset necessary for it.

The format

Based on a generic challenge, workshop participants go through the entire Design Thinking process, understand its specific phases and apply initial methods themselves.

In addition to the practical experience of the participants and the work with supporting materials, the theoretical input of our trainers ensures the transfer of knowledge into the practical implementation of your company.

Who is the training course aimed at?

The Design Thinking Essentials course is aimed at all those who have little or no contact with the user-centred approach, understand Design Thinking and would like to apply individual aspects and methods in your company.

The Team

Our trainers have many years of experience in the practical support of Design Thinking projects in various industries.

As coaches and trainers, they also qualify workshop participants and convey all aspects of Design Thinkinkink in an authentic and practical way.

Show your skills

The 3-day course concludes with a certification examination by iSQI. The exam comprises 40 multiple choice questions and has a pass mark of 70%. Upon successful completion, the participant receives an e-Cert consisting of a digital certificate and digital badge. The electronic form of the certificate allows a quick and trustworthy presentation of the participant's skills, e.g. in social networks such as LinkedIn.



In order to ensure that the course can be carried out, a minimum of four participants is required four weeks before the course starts.


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