Digital Design Professional (DDP FL)

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Digital Design Professional (DDP FL)

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Today, digitalization has found its way into all avenues of our daily life as well as our business solutions. There is a huge difference between today’s approaches for developing typical software solutions and an optimal approach for truly digital solutions.

For the latter you have to think outside the box, and as a Digital Designer you need to answer questions like: Which technology does exist? Which is relevant? Whom to consider for cooperation? How to anticipate a solution’s effect apart from its original purpose? How to foresee new business opportunities?

To answer such questions, the DDP education will give you a new way of thinking in your problem-solving process.

How do I obtain the DDP certification?

To be certified you must pass the Digital Design Professional - Foundation Level exam.

You can prepare for the exams by attending a training course with a recognised DDP training provider; participants will have relevant content and topics clearly explained and taught to them.

The new curriculum (version 2.0) has been revised so that the recommended training duration is now only 2 days.

The exam is available as remote proctored FLEX exam for anyone wishing to self-study.

What are the entry requirements?

The syllabus assumes that participants have practical experience in some aspects of creating digital solutions. It is not intended for complete beginners but for people who already have some experience in certain aspects of this field, e.g., UI design, software architecture, requirements engineering.

How does this certification benefit me?

The syllabus focuses on selected methods and techniques and aims to introduce the profession of Digital Design.

The Digital Design Professional Certification testifies that you have thefollowing competences:

  • A broad overview of the competence spectrum of Digital Design. This knowledgeallows participants to assess their own competences in Digital Design and to look forsuitable further training opportunities according to their needs in Digital Design.

  • The basics of the practice of Digital Design, from the very beginning of an idea rightup to the actual operation and evolution of a digital solution. This end-to-endunderstanding is an important learning outcome since it enables participants tounderstand the challenges and necessary competence of each step.

  • Practical competence in the actual integration of Digital Design into the realization ofa digital solution. This hands-on understanding is important for tangible results sinceit enables participants to connect with all the technology people who do the importantconstruction and realization work that brings a digital solution to life.

  • Finally, participants will have acquired all the knowledge necessary to act as ambassadors for the idea of Digital Design in their own organization and to contribute to the process of change initiated by the Digital Design Manifesto.

Who is this certification for?

The Digital Design Professional on Foundation Level is addressed to professionals from: 

  • Requirements Engineering,
  • Business Analysis,
  • UX,
  • Project Management,
  • and others who work in areas where digital products, systems and services are designed and improved.

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International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) e.V.
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Minimum score
70 %
Examination Time
60 min.
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DDP Glossar DE

DDP Glossar V1.2.1 DEUTSCH - zu Lehrplan DDP 2.0

Download (723.5k)

DDP Glossary EN

DDP Glossary V1.1 ENGLISH - compatible with syllabus DDP 2.0

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DDP FL Prüfungsregeln

DDP Prüfungsregeln zu Lehrplan V2.x

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DDP FL Exam Rules

DDP exam regulations - syllabus V2.x

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DDP FL Übungsfragen

DDP FL Übungsprüfung (Fragen) zu Lehrplan V2.x

Download (502.74k)

DDP FL Übungsantworten

DDP FL Übungsprüfung (Lösungen) zu Lehrplan V2.x

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DDP FL Mock Questions

DDP FL Mock Exam (Questions) compatible with syllabus V2.x

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DDP FL Mock Answers

DDP FL Mock Exam (Solutions) compatible with syllabus V2.x

Download (345.58k)

DDP FL Handbuch

DDP Handbuch zu Lehrplan V2.x

Download (5.53M)

DDP FL Handbook

DDP handbook compatible with syllabus V2.x

Download (3.47M)

DDP FL Lehrplan V2

DDP Lehrplan V2.0.1 DEUTSCH

Download (2.17M)

DDP FL Syllabus V2

DDP FL Syllabus V2.0.1 ENGLISH

Download (1.82M)