Benefits of earning an iSQI Certification

The digital transformation demands IT skills as well as dynamic and agile processes. In order to qualify for the Software Testing market, certifications are essential. They enable professionals to strengthen their knowledge of procedures and methods as well as new advancements in technology. The most convincing accomplishments are measurable and certified, and iSQI contributes to this. The benefits of certifications are numerous. They divide in three main aspects:

Professional achievement

iSQI certified professionals build exceptional careers. They understand common processes and standards as well as points of references in a specific field, provide high quality structured service, show commitment to professional development as well as to a discipline, take knowledgeable responsibility for a topic and are able to communicate with standard QA language. iSQI certified professionals use their certifications to validate their professional knowledge and mastery of skills and attitudes to their employees, coworkers and clients.

Professional opportunity

iSQI certified professionals compete in the global market for the best IT jobs and salaries. They continuously advance and grow in their careers, improve their job performance and are ready to overcome challenging tasks. iSQI certified professionals show with their certifications that they are interested in their professional development, and that they meet the requirements and preparation for a certain task.

Personal Accomplishment

iSQI Certified professionals report pride, fulfillment, success and empowerment as a result of passing the exam and obtaining the certification. They contribute to their work and to their employers. They know how to handle challenge, complexity, change, and they build exceptional careers based on invaluable personal and professional confidence.

iSQI as your certification partner: iSQI dedicates to the success of partners and clients. The company has three main roles as a certification body: knowledge auditor, knowledge editor and knowledge mediator. iSQI cooperates with qualifications boards around the world, and this is why our certifications meet the highest requirements for standardization and quality assurance. Also, because they base on syllabuses and guidelines created by independent experts. iSQI certifications create security for professionals and businesses alike. In addition, they provide the guidance businesses need to gain a better understanding of the qualifications of professionals in a non-regulated industry. Certifying with iSQI means certifying for success!