IREB RE@Agile Primer (CPRE-AP)

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IREB RE@Agile Primer (CPRE-AP)

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The IREB - RE@Agile Primer certification combines traditional requirements engineering (RE) with agile methods. The goal of RE@Agile Primer is to bring these two worlds together. The certification teaches you how the methods and techniques of requirements engineering can be integrated into agile development processes, and how this can improve the practical application.

How do I obtain the IREB certification?

To be certified you must pass the IREB RE@Agile Primer exam.

You can prepare for the exams by attending a training course with a recognised IREB training provider for IREB - RE@Agile Primer certification; participants will have relevant content and topics clearly explained and taught to them.

The syllabus covers the most important topics related to the merging of RE and agility in the software development process. Training focuses on agile principles for RE and an agile mentality with regards to the key requirements of RE.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no specific requirements or required pre-certifications. Knowledge in the field of requirement engineering and/or agile topics is an advantage.

How does this certification benefit me?

With the IREB - RE@Agile Primer certification:

  • You will have an independent, internationally recognised certification as proof of expertise in the field of requirements engineering and Agile
  • You will learn the roles and importance of requirements engineering in agile processes and the value of agility in requirements engineering
  • You will learn how to choose the right measures at the right time in order to produce high-quality work

Who is this certification for?

This certification is aimed at anyone interested in the topic of requirements engineering and agility who wants to gain background knowledge on the interplay of the two fields. It is particularly suitable for:

  • Requirements engineers,
  • Software testers, software developers, software architects,
  • Business analysts,
  • Project managers.

What other certifications can you recommend?

Other certfications that might be of interest are 

Are there special conditions for students? 

Full-time students may be entitled to a discount of upto 50% (cannot be combined with other discounts).

Please contact us at to obtain your individual discount code. Please send appropriate proof (i.e. a valid student ID or a current certificate of enrolment from a university, college or vocational school) along with your request.


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International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) e.V.
Exam questions
Minimum score
70 %
Examination Time
40 min
There are no specific requirements or required pre-certifications. Knowledge in the field of requirement engineering and/or agile topics is an advantage.
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